Sunday, November 24, 2019

3rd week of November 2019

End of our family visit, recovery, final remodeling/refreshing (for now), and pre-Thanksgiving prep.

Sunday - Lots of 3rd birthday party prep and then party time! So fun to spend happy times with our little family.

Monday - The trip home was an hour longer than usual as was the trip up. Lots of traffic and road work. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the ocean views were fabulous though. Quite a contrast to the drive up as that was foggy and overcast all the way. We got takeout for dinner and the dog slept really well after 6 days of few naps.

Tuesday - Time to reset the house and get ready for the rest of the week. I did laundry, a Goodwill drop off and a library visit with a stop for afternoon coffee at their cafe. Hubby got groceries and moved the new nightstands and lamps into the guest room. I think they are quite nice!

Wednesday - Our Granddaughter is officially 3 today and had a day of adventure with her Mom and other Grandma. They rode the bus into San Francisco and went to the Exploratorium. I'm sure lunch and snacks were also involved.

The dog had 3 vaccinations and her 6 month blood test done with no bad reactions - whew. Rain here off and on with sunshine in between. What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

Thursday - Hubby's 67th birthday! He is so into watching the impeachment hearings that we only went out for dinner. You get to do what you want on your birthday in our house! We went to happy hour at a nearby new-ish upscale restaurant and really liked our meals and drinks. We'll go back there.

Friday - I had a massage as my monthly self care treat and then went to a longer than usual walk. The shower door was installed. Now we are totally back in business in the guest bath and happy with the look. Just have to decide if we are installing grab bars and if so where they will be placed. No more home improvements or decor updates planned for a while at least except getting a new down comforter for the guest room. Ordered a DIL's birthday gift from her Amazon wish list and added a couple of things to mine.


Saturday - I guess it makes sense that I woke up at 3:30 am since I fell asleep at 7:30 pm - yikes. Feeling physically tired still, but still got out and moved around. Crazy warm again so it was lovely to be outside. Planned my cooking & grocery shopping for the week and went to Trader Joe's. Bought a lot so I won't have to go back until after Thanksgiving. I also decided we wanted a pumpkin pie and I didn't want to make one! Delish. At 8:30 am the store was already busy. Hauled out the stack of stored Christmas cards to see how many I really want to send.

How has your week gone? Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving or a low key approach?


  1. Your nightstands are lovely.

    I will be making some Christmas lists today and hopefully starting to bake next week. I really don't know how you celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together. Two big holidays to prepare for!

    God bless.

    1. Thank you - all from Wayfair as we have had good luck with them. This year our holidays are very low key and we aren't hosting anything so there is little to prep. Hope your Christmas planning is joyous.

  2. Your bathroom remodel turned out so nice! I particularly like the oval hanging mirror over the sink.

    Don't you just cringe when circumstances force you into a supermarket on a weekend? I seriously find being able to avoid the weekend shoppers to be one of the best aspects of retirement.

    Love the joy on your granddaughters face in that first photo. There is nothing like watching a child experience something for the first time. 💖

    1. Thanks Tamara. The bathroom moved from the 80's to present time lol. I do think going to the market Saturday morning was preferable to any time closer to Thanksgiving. I'll shop again on the Monday after it!

  3. Love your new nightstand and lamp. Good, clean lines that speak of tranquilly and peace. I love Wayfair, too.

    1. Thanks! This is our extra bedroom but the outcome made my husband say perhaps we should do the same in the master!

  4. I would recommend grab bars ... a good investment. And happy b'day to the young granddaughter!


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