Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Missing the start of the impeachment hearings

I'm not a bit sorry we will be on the road as the public impeachment hearings start and then busy for the next 5 days! Short written summaries of the actual factual content and skipping over the histrionics will work fine for me.

We are heading out 2 hours from now with dog happily ensconced in her crate in the back seat as she would much rather be included in the trip vs staying home with her lovely, kind sitter lol. She does like her dog "cousin" a lot but otherwise seems not that happy being there so it is hard to understand. Once again - if only she would learn to talk!

We are going primarily for our granddaughter's 3rd birthday party but also son and Hubby are going to a Cal-USC game as Hubby's birthday present. Before the weekend the two of them have 2 days of home improvement projects while I have asked for my own project list so I have something to do.

Off to finish packing.


  1. Hope you all have a safe and fun trip. My mom's go-to project when she'd come up to visit me was to clean the cabinets under my kitchen sink. I think she would have been disappointed if she ever visited and found it neat. LOL

  2. Enjoy every precious moment with that darling baby girl!! Safe travels.

  3. Hope you are having a fun trip! I'm catching snippets of testimony in the car on NPR. I live in a red area, and it's making me blue. My neighbor is flying his Trump 2020 flag. :(

    1. Oh my - that flag would make me upset every single time!


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