Monday, June 3, 2019

Almost Summer Wardrobe Time

It is going to warm up here by the end of the week although we have plenty of cooler days left. Summer doesn't really get started here until late June/early July and lasts pretty late into September or even early October. Layers are still needed all summer but the warmth will get here especially when we spend time further inland.

My friend Liz may already have had 100 degree says in the SE but I'm looking out the window at another June Gloom morning, a predicted high of 69, and running the heat to stay comfy indoors this morning, I'm going to chat about my Summer Wardrobe anyway!

I think I have the clothes to get me through the summer weather already sorted out. Why? I'm getting better at following a process to create a "right for me" capsule wardrobe for the seasons and thus shopping better.

What is that process? My friend Liz Klebba in her Closet Play Image blog lays it out beautifully for  her own summer capsule planning. Here is my version!

What kind of look do I want? How do I want to feel?

Thanks to Imogen Lamport's 7 Steps to Style Program and great blog I am pretty clear about the look I want - I call it Boss Lady, Retired as a shorthand and it is bold, vibrant and modern. Sort of a Relaxed Modern Chic for a height challenged retiree! It is good to have aspirations LOL.

I want to feel like I do when I am having lots of laughs playing croquet with my cousins at their annual July picnic, having dinner with friends outside, or walking by the ocean on a hot summer day. The clothes that fit this feeling, my body and lifestyle are:

- Slightly fitted outfits in comfy fabrics
Pretty and comfy flats and sandals plus a pair of white tennis shoes
Dusters, light cardigans, loose pullovers, scarves and zip jackets for layering
Clothes that work well for being active, walking by the ocean or dining outside
Pockets, cross body purses and a great summer tote
Fun earrings, necklaces and bracelets 

Using pictures for inspiration helps to set a mood and helps me with slogging through shopping successfully! Don't get hung up on trying to recreate exact outfits as that can be very frustrating and they may not suit you at all. Colors, silhouettes, mood, accessory use - all are helpful though.

Then it helps to have a color palette that your are working towards. I've picked 4 colors and 4 neutrals from my my own palette for this Summer to use the clothes I have and to carefully add some new items to make this capsule (hopefully) work well for weather, lifestyle and appearance.

What do I already have?  How much do I need? What level of refinement will be best?

In checking what I had from last Summer and will carry over from this Spring's wardrobe, I found that 2 of my 3 summer dresses were past their use date and no longer fit well. I also had to let some sandals go due to foot problems and wanted to add a lightweight cross body purse that would work with everything. Dark navy crops and shorts also got released as they were worn out and too dark.

I know that in Summer my Project 333 capsule needs to take into account more frequent laundering needs. By the way, I don't include hats, sunglasses, belts, jewelry, exercise wear or sleep wear in that count.

I have also pretty much settled into our S. Cal retiree lifestyle and don't need to buy clothes that are dressy as long as I can dress up what I have on the rare occasion that is needed. My life is a mix of smart casual outings, casual activities and dog walking/staying home very casual days.

What do I need? How much do I need?

I've already done this work for this Summer and ended up buying 2 new dresses making sure they would work with the duster from last summer. To there are 2 of my summer colors.

I also bought 2 pairs of sandals (one of which I have on in the photos) and a cross body purse. I'm still thinking about a tote purchase, but will most likely use one I already have as I'm really ready for a clothes shopping hiatus. The exception I may have to make is to buy some exercise clothes for hot weather and to replace items that are wearing out.

I'm ready for Summer weather to get here and to just be able to reach into my closet for an outfit I like to wear and then forget about it the rest of the time! My focus then can be on adding more activities of interest to my days instead of on shopping or spending time figuring out what to wear.

Has summer weather already arrived where you are or are you waiting for it to make an appearance?

Do you go through a process before shopping for the season?


  1. We are staying too cold to call it spring where I live but even if it were a normal year, weather wise, I clearly haven't been paying enough attention to my wardrobe. I wish there was a way to get an infusion of your shopping and fashion genes. Love your color palette!

    1. Thanks but it is not a gene. I got fed up about 3 years ago and started studying it as a project to feel better about my appearance and purchases. Never learned anything growing up that I could articulate but also was too focused on other things.

  2. Love your inspiration pics; truly set a mood and a goal. We are pretty hot and humid here in Texas, but then have a day or so of respite with cooler temps. I wear jeans and tees 365. I did order some capris that I need to try on; vacationing in July with a friend, and thought I should make an effort. :)

    1. I am jealous that you can wear jeans 365. One of my son's does that but I find them too hot and get overheated! Where are you headed on your vacation?

    2. Northern Michigan. I'm accompanying my best friend to a family reunion. Husband and I will be vacationing in Sept/Oct; haven't decided where to yet.

  3. Your new dresses are darling on you! Love the coral/summery colors. I think you are on the right track by drawing up a list of items you would like to purchase to give your summer wardrobe a facelift. And coming up with a palette, too. I enjoy the Get Your Pretty On capsule wardrobe challenges because they introduce me to trends but also help me style the staples in my closet in new ways.

  4. What a cheerful closet you are pulling together for summer, Juhli! (And thank you for the shout out... What a pleasant surprise!) I envy you your gorgeous corals; you should have an easy shopping season this year with all the gorgeous warms I am seeing out there. I hope your weather improves soon!

  5. Love those new dresses on you - may I ask where you bought them? It's starting to get very hot here in Spain and I don't really have any daytime dresses, so I'm wearing lightweight trousers (too hot for jeans most days!) or a couple of light ankle-length skirts.


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