Saturday, June 1, 2019

Six on Saturday - June 1st 2019

1. Started off the new week with a trip to the Farmer's Market and boy are the strawberries I got there amazingly delicious. It is lovely to make your own salad green mix too plus buying the bumpy carrots that the stores won't sell. Lovely sunshiny morning to be out.

2. Continuing our slow motion Spring cleaning soon to be renamed Summer cleaning. Another room's window screen and window washed. 4 to go. Also cleaned the frig coils and washed the kitchen floor. Such an exciting life I lead.

3. Brunch Tuesday at my service & social club as we plan the meals and programs for the next 9 monthly meetings of the entire group. I may have said Yes too many times! I even got a bit dressed up but got to love the casual S. Cal retirement lifestyle.

4. Then since Monday was a holiday and a perfect beach day, we did Monday at the Pier on Tuesday to avoid the crowds. Dinner was lovely as was the walk along the shore and looking out the window at the ocean from the restaurant. How do you like that carved swordfish sitting on the table?

5. Decided to keep 2 summer dresses I ordered. One is poppy red, very loose, sleeveless & linen. The other a soft peach, loose with dipped hem, short sleeved and cotton/polyester. Happy to have my summer clothes sorted out already given what else I have in my closet. And I'm thinking it is time for a clothes (and books and pastries when out LOL) shopping break.

6. I'm trying to decide what will make me really happy as a celebration of turning 70 at the beginning of September. One thing we have decided is a series of experiences that are a Staycation birthday variation. Don't know if it will be 4 done one a week for the month or 7 to celebrate each decade. Depends on how many I can come up with! So far I have 2:
- Day trip to Santa Barbara to art museum with a nice lunch
- Going miniature golfing (which we find great fun and haven't done in a long time)
And I'm thinking a boat ride needs to be in there somehow.


  1. Wonderful birthday plans. I wish I could tag along to the art museum. Happy Birthday!

    Not a fan of the carved swordfish but it may be one of those things that are better appreciated in person.

    1. RE the swordfish: not really better in person LOL! But the view of the ocean and coast is fabulous.

  2. How about a boat ride to Channel Islands National Park out of Ventura Harbor? It's absolutely gorgeous out there!

    Love the sound of your summer dresses, a reminder that I need some new ones as well. I have great luck with dresses at JCPenney if you can believe!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Hubby did that boat ride long ago with a then 5 year old son while I had to be out of town. I'm thinking a gondola tour of Channel Islands Harbor sounds fun!

  3. I love the outfit. I'm with you adventure celebrations are the thing to do.

    1. And it is quite fun coming up with the possible adventure list!


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