Saturday, June 8, 2019

Six on Saturday - June 8th

My week was busy with Pet Club and Somis Thursday Club board meetings plus my book club meeting. Typical first week of a month. Other "excitement" included:

1. I slept badly Sunday night for unknown reasons, but the dog slept well. Then she picked up something that caused her not to eat or drink, have great intestinal distress and we both slept badly Monday night as she tossed and turned and her insides gurgled loudly. Easy for her to catch up during the day but not for me! Turns out we had to go to the vet who re-hydrated her and drew blood to try to find out why this keeps happening. What we do for our fur babies.
Headed out to the patio for the sun and instantly fell asleep!
We were talking about our dog turning 10 years old in July which means she has lived with us almost 8 1/2 years. Hubby mentioned that he thought we have given her about the best life she could have had unless she had ended up in a home that had a cat that likes dogs. She does love cats and is very gentle with them, but doesn't get why most of them don't like her!

2. I finished the first week of my 3 months of No New Clothes Shopping personal challenge. 12 weeks to go. I'm trying to do this because I think I have all the clothing I need to get happily dressed for these 3 months. I'll make an exception if something wears out or there is a true gap. I know that I will need some new clothing in the Fall so I'm making a list as I think of those items.

3. Looked at my "maybe donate" pile of clothes and it dawned on me that I might like to wear an older pair of cropped spring pants if I just changed the length to be more trendy. Fifteen minutes and they are no a pair of capris that look like they will work at least for this summer.

4. My husband's cousin's widower's sister and brother in law moved into the third house up the street from us. Try explaining to others how we are connected LOL. I don't know them really, but they seem nice. Lots of sibling groups seem to move into this community which I suppose is very nice when they need support or help. My brother and SIL are firmly entrenched in New Hampshire and most of my cousins are in NH and MA. I guess we are a bi-coastal family.

5. We decided we should try to make sure that a small earthquake doesn't bring heavy items falling on our car from the garage shelves. Hubby had the idea of using bungee cords to help hold them in place. Brilliant!

6. I'm up to 5 ideas for my 70th Birthday Adventures Plan for the beginning of September (literally as my birthday is Sept. 1st). The latest are a:
- Gondola Paridiso tour of Channel Islands Harbor
- Food Truck Thursday at Camarillo Ranch
- Dinner at what is a highly rated restaurant nearby that we COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT so never tried. A friend mentioned eating there recently and how good it was. And we are always saying there is no where to eat!

So I am adding those to a trip to the Santa Barbara to art museum with a nice lunch (or the Santa Paula art museum depending upon exhibits at the time) and going miniature golfing (which we find great fun and haven't done in a long time).

Hope you had a lovely week!


  1. My dog would love to live with a cat but has the same issue as yours does...they don't like him! It's something about his nose constantly up the cat's butt that the cat's find offensive. I don't know why.

    I joined the No New Clothes Shopping for Three Months challenge and I didn't even know it. I can't remember the last time I shopped for clothing---December 2018? My tip is if you stay out of the stores you're not tempted.

    1. Alas, it is not just the stores but all the online targeted ads. I do think it will be pretty easy to not shop though.

  2. We love going out on the Wharf to Moby Dicks for happy hour. It's fun to watch the boats and birds. Also there is a great botanical garden up near the Mission. And our favorite restaurant is Olio(not sure of spelling) it's on a side street and has the best pizza and salads!!

  3. I mentioned the other night that our dog needed a friend. I was thinking that maybe we could adopt a rescue dog, but the hubs gave me a snide look, so I guess that's a no. We used to have a cat and dog that were the best of pals, and it was so sweet to watch them together.

    1. It is so sweet when a cat and dog are buddies. The cat at our dog's foster family used to come running to see Lola when we would take her over to board. They slept together too. Animals do need animal friends even if they only see them once in a while.

  4. My dog lives with my cat and they get on well. I hope your dog is well and that the vet figures out what is causing her problem. I like your growing list for your 70th birthday celebration ideas.

    1. I think lots of dogs and cats get along well. Thanks for asking about our dog - she recovered well and the vet can't figure out what is causing this problem so we soldier on. We did determine she doesn't have pancreatitis so one more ailment off the possible list!


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