Friday, March 9, 2018

Five on Friday

A nice week overall!

1. Our older son's fiancee stayed overnight to make it easier to get to an early business meeting near us and got to help us try out a recipe from one of my Christmas presents - Smitten Kitchen Everyday. I made pork tenderloin agrodolce with butternut squash instead of acorn squash as that is what I had at home.  It was delicious! This website has the recipe if you don't want to get the book (recipe). I'm definitely going to make more recipes from this cookbook. In fact there is a banana cake roll that just might appear for Easter brunch.

2. We took advantage of being retired and drove to Ventura to walk the boardwalk and have tacos for lunch on the pier. It was very windy with the water very choppy. Always different at the ocean.

3. I had my annual blood test and got all 3 prescriptions refilled. Happily the quite expensive one was less than half of what I paid before we switched insurances.

4. I walked 1.5 to 2.5 miles each day for the last 5 days. That is my baseline for exercise I think.

5. I bought 2 tops and a pair of capris which I happened upon at Macy's and a dress that I had ordered a second time in a smaller size.

I was shopping for a dress for my son's wedding picnic & BBQ in September but this may not be casual enough. Or it may simply be too hot to wear it. There will be a pub crawl the night before and brunch at Santa Anita the next morning so more shopping to round out my wardrobe for my new lifestyle and family events. I do like the versatility of this dress with toppers I already own.

What made you happy this past week?


  1. Taking advantage of being retired and going for a walk on the boardwalk ... that's what it's all about, imho!

    1. I so agree and a true luxury after 20 years living inland.

  2. Great dress but I agree with you that it may be a little ‘dressy’ for a picnic.

    1. Thanks. The mother of the bride picked a traditional wedding party dress so I'm not sure what to do despite the couple saying shorts would be fine lol.


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