Monday, October 17, 2016

Painting & Raking: 24 weeks and counting

Little to report on getting the house ready to sell.

My husband has been spending his weekends doing interior painting and has almost finished the upstairs work that remained after I painted the bathroom. There is a large bedroom, dressing area and sitting room all with high ceilings. He is almost finished. The bid from the painters for this work was $850. Doing it himself may take up his weekends but it helps pay for the upcoming bath remodel. Retirement financial planning LOL.

A house across the street from us sold the first week it was listed. Obviously priced to sell. The owners are in their mid-30s and trading in home ownership for an RV to travel the country full time.

I have been doing regular home maintenance and the annual months of leaf raking have commenced.

A week ago when as a Federal employee he was off for Columbus Day, we did take advantage of the typically lovely October weather and walk 4 miles on the Atlanta Belt Line. It is the month of the annual outdoor art show and the new pieces that were added to the permanent collection are fabulous.

I really like this one that is under an street overpass. I couldn't get enough detail by taking the photo to get the whole piece so imagine the two photos as one face. I'm going to take that walk by myself today and take more photos to share as the pieces are incredible.


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  1. Those eyes are very intriguing ... and a little spooky. Well, it is October.


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