Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More photos from another walk on Atlanta's Beltline

This Monday I took this 4 mile walk again by myself and took photos of some of my favorite art installations both part of the permanent collection and part of this month's art exhibit. Enjoy the walk.

Standing above the walkway before I start. The entire form rail "beltline" around Atlanta hasn't all been paved but this section near my home has been done for quite some time and we love it.

So tell me how you think the artist managed to make these positive and negative space versions of the same thing.

Tiny doors have been installed all around town. The door is about 6 inches high and it is fun to see small children try to figure out why it won't open and why it is there.

This time I got a photo of the entire piece.

White umbrellas and dangly bits remind me of jellyfish.

Part of a long installation of photos along a fence. Love the dog's visor and carrier.


  1. Creative artists, I like the jelly fish like hanging sculpture and the "tiny doors".

    1. There are tiny doors all over Atlanta - such fun. Another on this section of walk and we found 2 more when my son and DIL were here last fall.


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