Sunday, October 9, 2016

Decision Week: 25 weeks and counting - to putting our house up for sale

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

1. We hire a contractor to  remodel our main floor bathroom. Of course it will cost more than we hoped!
2. We selected the floor tile and paint color for that bathroom. Only thing left to decide is the color of new towels.
3. We decided to do all the remaining interior painting ourselves (see cost of #1). We still have to decide about pressure washing & painting the fence and carport. The house trim must be done by professionals.
4. We decided not to take advantage of a free place to stay to visit Asheville again. There is still my husband's uncle in hospice and the anticipated funeral in CA for him. Since we weren't taking the dog to Asheville the costs were adding up (see cost of #1).
5. My husband is close to deciding to continue working until he turns 65 in late November. Although the house will still go up for sale April 1st and we will plan to move to CA when it is sold, he can work by a combination of working remotely and onsite visits. That will make health insurance transitions much simpler and be easy if the house takes a while to sell. He was hoping to contract back anyway.

We are enjoying lovely Fall weather finally and plan a long walk to see an outdoor art exhibit this morning.

Painting is ongoing. The study and upstairs bath ceiling touch ups are finished. The remainder of the repairs upstairs are done and paint purchased. Since it is a 3 day weekend for my husband he will be able to start painting too.

I started cleaning the basement floor and bathroom. 

It is just about time to start raking leaves and since that takes a long time due to our great tree coverage I am making no plans for next week beyond routine upkeep of home and yard. Hopefully other things will get done.

Yesterday my husband commented that he thought we had made really good progress getting the house ready and I agree. We are starting to turn our thoughts to when to look for a new home and how to manage the move and transition.

Have a great week!


  1. You are making great progress! Your plans are firming up.


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