Friday, October 5, 2012

Increase your happiness - Do business with the right people

I drove across town on Tuesday morning to go to the dentist. I had switched to the dentist my husband uses to save money but have felt that the staff was unfriendly, spoke to me in a patronizing manner (older females know what this sounds like) and that the dentist was lazy and more interested in selling additional services like frequent xrays than in doing a professional job. Interestingly my husband doesn't feel this way at all about how he is treated.

Anyway - I arrived and was told that the dentist was not coming in due to not feeling well. Turns out they had called me 3 minutes after I left the house so they did try. However, the tone was rude, no apology, etc. I also found myself wondering if this was true or if he just wanted a day off and perhaps I was the only appointment.

That did it for me. It is not worth the few dollars saved. I booked an appointment with my former dentist and went there this morning. Smiling cheerful staff. A thorough exam with no pressure to buy additional services. I am happy.


  1. Good for you! We have the same problem here. My husband loves our dentist but I have found her to be very patronizing. We don't have dental insurance so I want xrays every other year instead of yearly and she gives me such a hassle about it expecially with the kids. Really annoying!

    1. It is amazing how patronizing some professionals are to women when they aren't to men. Check out the new American Dental Association x-ray guidelines and see if it supports your preference. If so I'd print it out and take it with me next time.


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