Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Support your local merchants - pay in cash

I was buying dog food this morning at a locally owned pet store and asked if they had to pay a swipe charge if I used my credit card.  The answer was yes.  We talked further and at least for this merchant he said the cards that cost him the least are ones through credit unions, ones that offer reward points for the use cost him a lot and the highest rate was from AMEX.  In trying to be more conscious about my buying decisions - on many levels - I have decided to add paying cash when buying from local/small businesses to the list of my intentions.  I want to have choices that aren't mega corporations or chains and so I shop at these type of stores when I can.  I certainly can make a point to bring cash and make a small difference that way.

So here is where my recommitment to consciously responsible consumerism has me:
- try to find products made in the USA
- pay cash to small/local merchants
- buy what is NEEDED not on impulse (especially applies to clothing)
- schedule some exploration of local thrift shops to broaden my buying options to used items


  1. That is a good idea! I never thought of that.

  2. We're on the same page!! :) Great post!!


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