Friday, August 10, 2012

Stretching my brain: Colored pencil drawing

I have felt this year that I was not challenging my brain enough (or at all?) so I signed up for a colored pencil drawing class focused on the summer vegetable garden.  I've taken drawing and painting courses but this is a new medium for me.  Last night I finished my first drawing.  Sorry the photo is a bit dark (its on white paper) but using a flash created glare.

I'm going to work on one more drawing using a more "painterly" style and see how that goes.

My next brain stretch challenge was created after I read this NPR article - You call that a beach book? Really?

The topic of String Theory caught my eye.  I have tried to follow TV shows about the topic but get lost early on and can't go back and listen to the previous part again.  I've requested a book from the library that claims to explain it simply - we'll see! 

I also learned that there are Science Cafes held in town with guest speakers.  I'm going to look into signing us up for one.

How do you keep your brain "stretching"?


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