Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's July which means 6 month goals for 2012

I've been noticing that I am very productive in the mornings and very unproductive in the afternoons and evenings.  I know I am a morning person but I don't like frittering away so much of my day.  The hot weather has something to do with it as all outdoor activity is done by noon and that will change with the weather in the fall.  The bigger factor I think is that I don't have any big goals that I am committed to working towards.

So here are some bigger goals for the next 6 months:

1.  Focus on physical health and fitness - this involves a lot of things but these 3 are my priority.
  • Regular Pilates has been very good for my body and my energy - definately going to keep working with my trainer
  • I used to routinely work out with my Gaiam am stretch DVD (there is a pm stretch workout too).  I fell out of that routine, my hip joint locked up, months of PT later and I can move it again.  Time to start this as a practice - and then maybe add the pm stretch too which will help make the afternoon more productive. 
  • Actually lose those last few pound by planning food intake (especially snacks) better.  Oh menu planning, how I don't love you!

2.  Do what I can to achieve 2012 house goals without paying someone else
  • Obvious priorities are to clear the undergrowth in our wooded area and hillside as well as cutting down hollies by driveway.  Keep chipping away at this (pun intended LOL).
  • Talk to friend who may fix antique chair for a fee

3.  Live my money values in each spending decision I make - this of course raises the question as to what these values are.
  • Time with my family - which requires travel
  • Enjoyable time with my hubby & friends - may or may not cost money
  • Health - preventive measures and healthcare
  • Saving to finance our hopefully long lives 
  • Preparing to move in 5 1/2 years - maintain home but no costly improvements & continue decluttering
  • Wearing things out or, if they aren't being used, passing them on to someone who will use them


  1. Great goals update. You and Adrienne are on the same page. Maybe I should re-evaluate some goals?

    1. So easy to set goals - now living them is the challenge!


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