Monday, July 2, 2012

Property tax saga continues - or, read your bills carefully

One of the challenges we had last year and early this year was appealing our property appraisal.  It became so stressful that I finally hired a representative to handle it and in the end we got a reduction from the Board of Equalization in the middle of February.  Our 2012 property tax bill is based on that decision.  We knew we still owed a bit on our 2011 taxes and we finally got that bill last week.  And it was wrong.  They didn't change the appraised value to the correct and lower amount.  If I hadn't really checked the details on the bill I wouldn't have seen that it was wrong.

So I spent an hour today at the county tax commissioners office and they worked with the appraiser's office to get it all corrected.  How much less is the correct bill?  $616.55 less.  Not bad for an hour's work plus a drive.

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