Saturday, May 6, 2023

Week 19: We babysat Grandbaby and big sister

 It was our son and DIL’s 10th anniversary and they asked if we would keep the girls so they could go out to dinner and of course we said yes. Big sister is pretty easy but was coming down with something and the baby had tummy troubles lol. It can only be easier in the future but son and DIL came in glowing with happiness (and wine perhaps) after their nice dinner outing.

We may be slogging through the home repairs and improvements that require getting professionals lined up  with most not responding at all but we are getting the desired family time and mutual assistance which is great.

Our dog is getting a neighborhood fan club! I was walking him Thursday when a woman walking her dog said “Is that Coco?” Her friend had met us a few days earlier and mentioned the new cute dog in the neighborhood. The friend remembered Coco’s name but not mine. I know the feeling lol. We walked together for a while and I really like her and hope to spend more time getting to know her. The dogs got along too. 

I’m getting my next Covid booster at noon today. I’ll spend the rest of the weekend sleeping a lot and having a scratchy throat if past experience repeats itself.


  1. I teased my neighbor if it hurts her feelings that every where she goes her dog gets spoken to first. She laughed and said that's really true.

    1. LOL. My dog is much cuter than I am and also a total extrovert - how can he not get greeted first?

  2. Hope your booster didn't knock you for much of a loop. I have decided against furth vaccinations for now. But did get a flu vaccine. Then got a different strain of the flu from what I was vaccinated against. Ugh. I wish we were insistent that all those coming into our country have vaccines. Our poor city is overwhelmed.

    Glad Coco (and you) are making new friends on your walks. And that you have enjoyed some quality granddaughter time. My daughters both celebrated anniversaries this week.

  3. I hope your booster shot did not affect you too badly.

    How wonderful that you got to spend time with the grandchildren.

    God bless.

  4. I think that Dogs are definitely People Magnets and those who are serious Dog Lovers will remember each Dog they ever meet and get to know.


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