Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Wednesday’s we got it done list

Another week of progress in tiny steps - 

Best news was that we got our $4,500 required deposit back from the utility company after we provided proof that we had the sewer lateral replaced. I quickly did a mobile deposit of the check. They were efficient about sending our money back.

Hubby added grout to a big gap in the shower tile in the 1960’s upstairs bathroom. He’s got more repairs to make before it is our backup shower. The downstairs bathroom was completely redone but still needs a few tweaks by a plumber and that is on the list.

I gave away the microwave that came with the house. I have a lot of other small things to offer but need to sort out the garage storage first plus a few other things in the house.

I figured out how to alter a nice short sleeve top so it will be more flattering. Haven’t done it yet though.

Got my second multi-variant Covid booster and a couple of hours later took a long nap. The next day I took several naps but feeling tired and having a sore arm were the only side effects. We still haven’t had Covid but if we do I hope it is less serious due to all of our vaccines. Protecting that little grand baby too. 

I just found a website where you can see Covid wastewater tracking trends for your county if they track and report it. The trend is slightly upward here but lots a people wear masks still and I do too.


  1. We need our second bivalent booster so I need to look into that a bit. We did get Covid and Easter (don't know how or where we picked it up) but thanks to the vaccinations we didn't have it really bad.

    God bless.

  2. It wouldn't be long when you'll no longer have a to-do list at the rate you're going.

  3. Gotta admire anyone whose To-Do List shortens, Bravo!!!


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