Monday, January 11, 2021

Money Monday 2021 - No. 2

 Continuing the theme for January of financial review and planning:

1. We decided to make monthly food bank cash contributions in addition to another large contribution to my club’s scholarship fund for this year’s graduating seniors. Those are the ones we feel are most important right now.

There will be smaller contributions to our 3 local NPR stations and the PBS station. Also a cash one to the animal shelter. So many needs.

2. I decided to use TurboTax to file our taxes thanks to a reader recommendation. Now to pick the best version for our situation. I am assuming I would look at which schedules were used last year that will continue and buy the one that includes those. A task for later this month. 

3. I updated our spreadsheet to check off all the info needed to file our taxes. As it comes in or is available online I enter it so I can be sure we have everything.

And just routine financial activites:

4. Hubby once again fixed the kitchen faucet so the water pressure returned to the correct level. We probably need to replace it but that might not solve the problem and we don’t want a handyman in the house right now. This recurring problem may be related to very hard water leaving scale in the pipes and our installation of a water softener is pulling them loose and then they clog the screen in the head of the faucet. Anyway Hubby’s effort saved money and hassle.

5. I took my list to CVS and wasn't able to get one item. Spray n Wash is not available at my Vons or CVS. Amazon to the rescue where I bought a larger refill bottle which saved money and since I use my own spray bottle is perfect.


  1. There are so many needs in the world right now. Starting with the ones closest to you is a sound idea.

    God bless.

  2. There's always something that need fixing, isn't there.

  3. My husband and I have been donating to a local foodbank, too. I did some research online to find what hours they serve people, and I also did a blind call, asking how they process requests for help. There was quite a difference in how various charities operate and we wanted to find one that was accessible and inclusive. It sure feels good to help and the needs are unbelievable!

    1. The needs are unbelievable - good description.


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