Monday, January 11, 2021

9 days to inauguration - please speed time up

 I know Trump won’t resign and there is not time to remove him by impeachment and conviction but I would really like this to speed up! I do realize that the armed and violent protests won’t go away after Biden becomes President but Trump and his craven minions won’t be in office at least.

At home we have been rather consumed by trying to create a healthy diet for our old dog that she will eat. Now that she is done with antibiotics and we have increased her medication for her Addison’s disease she is doing better. Our pets lives are too short even when they live to a ripe old age!


  1. In sifting through the many articles discussing why Impeachment so close to the end of his term, the critical component would be that he could never again run for any federal office. Worth the wait as they say, IMO.

    Yes, agree our beloved pets don't live anywhere close to long enough. My youngest daughter just lost her beloved 10 year old cocker much to soon. We all cried buckets, and the thought of her death still brings me to tears. I loved that little dog almost as much as my daughter.

  2. If impeached he also won't get tax payer protection, daily briefings and pensions perks either so it's SO worth doing it.

    Sorry for what your dog is going through. It's so hard to watch our pets in decline.


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