Friday, March 20, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Day 5: California to stay at home indefinitely

Our entire state is now under a stay at home order with no set end date. Just down the freeway, Los Angeles has ordered all non-essential businesses to close and only have people work from home. I think I may have to order dog grooming and hair cutting scissors!

Positive Inspiration - In case you are struggling, this article might help. How to manage anxiety and isolation during quarantine

Connecting - Realized Hubby's aunt has her 92nd birthday a week from tomorrow. Pulled a card from our stash and will get it in the mail first thing next week. We will call too.

Talked to a neighbor in person but about 10 feet apart. Going to do more of that.

Emailed my book club and got some nice responses. Everyone wants contact.

Exercise - Long walk by myself and a good dog walk.

Food & Supplies - Last night I got out the directions for the digital thermometer and made sure we both knew how to use it. Found the container of rubbing alcohol and put it nearby for sanitizing if needed. A fever is one of the key symptoms along with coughing and shortness of breath. Us older folks don't get the very high fevers that the young do so don't wait for that.

Gave in and went to Von's & CVS to get specific things and fresh fruit and veggies. Interesting what is out of stock but people were trying to stay far apart. I was able to get lots of fruit and veggies. Hubby went to Trader Joe's and got the rest. Still no toilet paper anywhere.

Learning - Nothing today.

Projects - Took a nap! Well I did pop awake at 3:30am so it was needed.

Enjoyment - Taking a nap with the dog LOL.

Minimizing Contacts - Not good today but people were trying at the grocery store and CVS was empty.

My County's Data - 19 confirmed cases including 4 in my town which surprised me. I thought the bulk would be in the 3 larger towns. We do have a higher % of elderly in our town because of the 55+ community where I live so perhaps that is it.


  1. Stay safe. Stores are crazy right now all over the place. I think I might learn how to make flat breads this coming week.

    God bless.

    1. If you do make flat breads please share the recipe on your blog.

  2. I hear about California! That's going to set the economy back so darn much it isn't funny.

    1. Yes it is. Horrible economic times for so many.

  3. Juhli, I specifically heard Gov. Newsom say April 19 would be the first possible end date. Subject to revision, of course, but at least somewhere to put your head for now? 😕

    1. True but the order is open ended as it should be.

  4. Sounds like you got the stuff you needed. I went down to our market at 7 am when it opened and there were lots of empty shelves. It's going to affect the economy something wicked. And not to rant, but I'm so upset at Trump calling it a 'Chinese Virus". OMG, really??? well, take care and enjoy walking the dog.

    1. I just try not to listen to Trump or repeat "He is a sick man" after his rants or other weird statements.


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