Thursday, August 30, 2018

Off for a long weekend of granddaughter time!

We are heading out early this morning with the dog to drive to Berkeley to visit our son and his family at their new house. On the agenda are helping them unpack and hang a tv over the fireplace as well as babysitting our 18 month old granddaughter tomorrow as day care is closed.

Our dog will have a grand time with theirs too and fortunately the granddaughter has learned to leave dogs alone unless told she can pet them. I can hear Lola sighing with relief LOL. Last time we visited them our dog could still get out of reach by getting on a chair in a specific spot. Poor grandbaby just wanted to pet but her pets were still turning into hair grabbing then. Her dog has really short smooth fur so a poodle was so delicious to touch. She does love dogs so much. I think we will have her help feed ours and have lots of planned opportunities for supervised petting this time which will help them both have a good time.

Other plans are celebrating my 69th birthday, checking out the town just north of Berkeley to see if it might be on our list for our next move and generally having a good dose of family time.

Hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend too!


  1. Hope you have lots of fun and a Happy Birthday!!!

  2. A long weekend with the kids in Berkeley -- sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!


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