Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thinking and more thinking

Hmmm, I've been thinking about why I spend so much time checking out blogs and Facebook. And what is it about frugal living blogs that fascinates me when 1) we have enough resources to loosen up and 2) I already know most of this stuff?

Then there is the need to go to the library frequently. Could it be the chocolate donuts and chocolate chip cookies at the library cafe rather than the books that make several trips a week necessary?

Why didn't I socialize more in high school and now for that matter? I did just reconnect (track down really) my best friend from middle and high school and am glad I did. But I also connected with another classmate who would have probably been happy to be my friend in the day and I would have enjoyed her a lot. Hmmm.

Then there is my fascination with color but little art work going on now. I am determined to bring more color into my wardrobe at least going forward.

We celebrated my birthday a week early at the request on the local son and DIL-to-be once they remembered that we would be at the other son's home on my birthday. They brought over a death by chocolate gluten free cake. We made dinner and had a good chat. They asked about travel plans and guess who surprised me? Hubby said he would like to visit all of the international cities listed in the paper weather report with the exception of Baghdad which is wise thing. This is a surprise because for years I have tried to get him to go to Paris and/or Amsterdam. He wants to start with the Asian cities though and I have no interest. Hmmm.

Just a slight peek into what rattles around in my head these days!


  1. You sound as if you are at a bit of a loose end and need a plan. I feel a bit like that at the end of summer and before I start planning for winter and Christmas. Maybe you should start planning a holiday and alternate the Asian countries with places you would like to visit.
    Happy Birthday in advance in case I miss your birthday.

    1. Good point! I do need a plan or at least a significant project.

  2. I've just made plans for the fall. September is my "new year" Do you have a writers' festival nearby? I volunteer at ours and I get introduced to a to of new authors and their works. I'm also going to a writing workshop in Port Townsend, Washington. I'm off to Paris next week. My husband is not keen on foreign travel so I do solo or friend trips. I had only one friend in high school and I wondered the same thing. Now that I observe my mother as a widow, I realize that she has no "friend making skills" and as a first child, I was greatly influenced by her "standoffishness". I'm now a sociable introvert. Could you start travel with a compromise like Turkey and Greece? Happy Birthday!

  3. I actually peruse those frugal blogs because of the creativity and originality of thought. I have a church friend who swears that she meets and talks to ten times as many people (in her travel group and in the country) because she travels alone (admittedly she does a group and leaves it at will). I find travel alone invigorating, but I would need to be with a group if I went overseas unless I was going back to my old hauntng grounds. I have been at loose (enjoyably loose) ends during the summer and am ready to make a plan!


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