Monday, April 23, 2018

Happy Monday? Dog barf in the bed at 4:30 am, fog outside & no plans

Not quite how I envisioned the week starting but indeed this is how it kicked off.

Right now I'm telling myself that the laundry needed to be done anyway, that she simply got hair in her mouth from licking her paw where the bee sting still has left a lump and who needs sleep anyway!

It is quite foggy outside so I can be happy I have no plans and therefore no need to drive anywhere!

That is my story and I'm going to try to stick with it but I can see an afternoon nap calling my name and it is only 6 am here.

Hope your week kicks off better than mine.


  1. I think we're sharing the same fog this morning! The price for such a beautiful string of weather this past week, perhaps? That's what I'm telling myself, at least!

    We had a very, very busy weekend, and I am tempted to blow off all my appointments and just stay home today as well, though a walk along the beach in the fog does sound appealing.

    And I hope your little girl feels better. 😕

    1. Yes, it was a gorgeous weekend wasn't it! I'm working on some plans for the week beyond going to yoga and not having all the rest involve food lol. The dog ate breakfast and went back to sleep so it probably was a hair gag just way too early in the morning.


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