Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Goals

I've been updating my 2017 goals page so it is time to start thinking in terms of what the related priorities are for this month. Once they are finished they turn green for week 1, orange for week 2, blue for week 3 and purple for week 4+.


Settle in our new home including furnishing & refreshing it.
  • Figure out if are going to paint walls  Decision: Paint feature wall & 3 dark ceilings; touch up wall paint; we will do it ourselves so we have now saved $3,000 which pays for the new water heater and golf clubs for my husband.
  • Get painter booked
  • Research buying mattresses & ordered them
  • Get stuff in garage put away so can park car there
  • Get refrigerator water filter and ice maker fixed
  • Finish HVAC replacement steps of duct testing and inspection
  • Get carpets and upholstery cleaned
  •  Buy paint for master bedroom feature wall and ceilings that are painted dark beige
We will transition all of our medical care seamlessly.
  • Make an eye exam appointment
  • Research internal medicine practices and best area hospital that match our insurance
We will manage the vet, groomer and boarding transition seamlessly.
  • Vet appointment 5/9; decide if staying with this vet or switching to one nearer us.
  • Get recommendations for groomer and boarding
  • Book a groomer
  • Get dog licensed - The vet said we should just wait until Dec when she is due for next rabies shot.
We will transition our electronic & financial life seamlessly.
  • Get CA driver's licenses, register car and get new HOA car sticker. Cancel GA car registration.
  • Send in homeowner's property tax exemption form.
  • Set up new printer 
  • Recycle old printer
  • Finish making address changes for all accounts/online presence
  • Download credit union mobile app and learn to use it to deposit checks
I will start collecting social security upon turning 68 on September 1st and add Medicare when hubby retires.
  • Get SS form to prove have had health insurance coverage and get it completed
  • Apply online for SS
  • Apply for Medicare Part B
  • Complete retirement paperwork

Email or write a geographically distant relative or friend once a month at least.
  • Connect with nephew who lives in San Diego
I will spend as much time as possible with my sons, DILs and new grand baby as well as time with extended family.
  • Brunch in Santa Barbara with our son, DIL and 5 mo old granddaughter - happy day.
  • Mother's Day with son & DIL
  • Lunch with FIL and great-Aunt
Meet people and get involved in 3 activities/organizations in new location
  • Join Arts group, Pet Club & Women's Club - become active in them
  • Attended a lunch with online friends who live in the area

Once moved I will take advantage of the pool and fitness center, join a Pilates studio and find good walking routes. 
  • Attend yoga or water aerobics 2x per week
  • Walk or swim each day

I will shop from my wardrobe shopping list and try new things adjusting as my lifestyle changes.
  • May planned purchases: capris/ankle pants, sandals/flats, pajamas, 2 bras, skirt, dress, sunglasses, and purse
  • May unplanned purchases: bead & leather bracel
  • I will try polish on my toenails.


  1. Your goals are written like we write them in education...the student WILL...makes them sound like they are definitely going to be accomplished and it looks like you are doing well on them. Hope you will join us for our summer bucket list post on June 21.

  2. I saw that you want to connect with your nephew; we took the train last summer and loved it. I hear the train is super convenient in Santa Barbara.

    1. Yes, the train is very convenient. I have connected via email and once he finishes grad school in a few weeks we will have to get together.

  3. Your goals for the month of May are really nice. I also settle the goals before the start of month and sometimes year. In this way, we can make the strategy to achieve our goals.


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