Sunday, March 26, 2017

In the midst of packing - happy & frustrated

So far I am very happy that:

We have agreed on our driving route and stopping locations. Now we can book pet friendly hotels for each night.

I posted on NextDoor asking for moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap. Have received very nice boxes and packing paper saving quite a bit and re-using instead of land filling. I will be saving them for a cousin's upcoming move.

Glad I bought the wide rolls of larger cell bubble wrap. Same with glass  & dish packing box insert and heavy duty boxes. I also bought a rug wrap which I think will be great for a large area rug. Still need to buy more specialty packing items though.

Happy with the packing sequence so far. We started with things that aren't actually used like decorative items and art. Moved on to things we can live without for a few weeks and/or are hard to pack. The kitchen, bedding and clothing will be last.

Glad we decided to give away the furniture we aren't taking instead of trying to sell it. We certainly have received our money's worth from each item. Also very glad that we cleared out a lot of stuff as part of preparing the house for staging.

Thinking it is a good idea that I am testing out a small capsule wardrobe to use for traveling and the first week we are in our new home so it should let me take the minimum in the car . Right now the weather is pretty much the same in Atlanta and Camarillo although a bit warmer here. Looking at our planned route it is a bit cooler in some locations along the way.

And I am finding frustrating:

How to pack large paintings, floor lamps, glass table tops
Still have a lot of "administrative" details to take care of with new HOA, current utilities, scheduling hauling of mattresses, etc.

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  1. Nice to read your soft written post. We should take lighter stuff when going for the travelling because to carry heavier stuff is very difficult while travelling


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