Monday, June 23, 2014

Menu plan for multiple dietary challenges: Week 1

I found the cutest free menu planner printable at ollibird and more for other purposes at Apartment Therapy .

Now to the hard stuff. I managed to feed us dinner this first week of our additional requirement of "gout prevention" dietary challenge (along with no milk, low cholesterol, low salt, low sugar) and discovered some new and delicious main dishes. You'll see it was all very heavy on veggies and light on protein. For example, when we had turkey burgers we each had one half of a burger. When you are limited to 4 to 6 oz. of meat/fish/cheese per day that isn't much. Nuts, yogurt, tofu and soy milk don't seem to need to be counted in that - hope I'm correct about that.

For the first time we coordinated planning what Hubby made for his lunch and what we had for dinner. He is having less pain in his foot but who knows if diet is making any difference. He is not on any medication except ibuprofen as needed so perhaps it is. The whole point of this is to lower his uric acid level enough so that his body will reabsorb the crystals deposited in his toe joint.

So what did we eat?

Monday – Ate out: Thai restaurant - hubby had veggies with tofu and rice

Tuesday– Healthified seared tilapia with lemon tarragon sauce (delicious), pasta, zucchini, peaches

Wednesday –veggie salad w goat cheese and pecans, watermelon/peach/kiwi salad

Thursday – turkey burgers, roasted new potatoes, steamed carrots & snap peas, sliced tomatoes

Friday – steamed mixed veggies (carrots, snap peas, summer squash, broccoli), sautéed Savoy cabbage & red pepper, brown rice, cucumber & radish salad, orange slices

Saturday – pasta sauce (leftover turkey burger, bell peppers & tomatoes), fruit salad, marinated golden beets

Sunday – chef salad (heavy on chopped veggies & light on chicken), fruit salad


  1. Seems like it's all good for you, and tastes good too (except for the goat cheese ... not a fan!).

    1. What kind of cheese do you like? I found some lower fat brie at Trader Joe's and we are working on that too. It was a good food week and did take a lot more effort than usual LOL. Onward.