Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wardrobe: A casual summer in "Hotlanta"

I'm retired, we prefer casual entertainment and I am not a dress up kind of person. I've also discovered that I prefer to have a small wardrobe (Thanks Project 333). In the summer the news calls Atlanta by the label "Hotlanta" which only reflects part of the weather. The other part is humidity unless it is too hot to be too humid.

So my summer 2014 small wardrobe by design has turned out to be two capsule wardrobes plus some denim that goes with both. It is two because of the color combos.

Right now I have a preference for this one and anything I add going forward will be in these colors - blue, white and black.

This capsule is good enough for everyday even though some of the tops don't flatter my complexion and best style. I also don't really like khakis but they sure are versatile and don't collect lint and dog hair. Eventually I will merge the tops that remain in good condition with the other wardrobe. I've done some alterations and refashioning so some of these items fit better and I will either wear them out or decide they no longer fit my wardrobe.

I think that totals 43 items. I will weed some out as I go and I may try color remover on some of the bottoms to make them white to fit in with the other capsule and perhaps dye them and some of the tops. Shooting for 33 first!

And then there are the denim shorts and capris. Add to that a black short sleeve sweater, an orange 3/4 sleeve sweater, fuchsia pashima, black sandals, flip flops (sand color), tan Keds and pewter flats.

Occasionally I wear a  bracelet and pick from these 3. They all were my Mom's at some point and I like the style and colors.

I am in the process of making a summer cotton skirt that I hope will work out and go with several of the tops that I already have. I have fabric to make a dress or top and skirt in addition to that, but we'll see when that happens!

In the meantime this wardrobe is enough with the addition of my yard work and exercise wear.

UPDATE (already!): I have removed 3 tops that I am always fussing at as they don't fit quite right. I forgot to count a pink pashima, belts (2) and hats (3) so I am at 43 items. I printed out a list and will check off the ones I wear between now and the end of August. I'll remove anything I don't wear.

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