Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rediscovering simple pleasures and a confession

Wow - whenever we are in Los Angeles we tune the car radio to KJAZZ 88.1FM out of Cal State U Long Beach and we listened to it pretty non-stop when we lived there. Today I remembered that I used to stream it through the computer and enjoyed that very much. I am enjoying it right now!

Another thing to add to the list of what to do that I like and to NOT push myself to check out CDs from the library or listen to the old CDs we have as I am tired of most of them.

The confession? I broke down and ordered 2 pairs of casual slacks that were on sale. It is hard to find ones that fit in thrift stores is my excuse and I'm sticking with it! Hope they fit.


  1. I like online radio stations and music streaming sites, too. They create a good flow of songs that I wouldn't think of, and it's great to let them decide! But I still have lots of favourite CDs that I listen to often.

    1. I am going to find more to listen too once I figure out how to keep the computer from timing out the internet connection when I'm not using the computer! It turned the music off. I knew how to do that on my old computer but not this one. Do you happen to know where to look for the setting on a windows 7 machine?

  2. I like Pandora, and I use Spotify now and then. But I agree, sometimes there's nothing like listening to a favorite live radio program!