Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend reading

Some sites to explore and enjoy this weekend.

The myth of ownership - Courtney Carver does it again!

The Guardian's no food waste challenge - I have to admit I love reading the comments

6 easy ways to save money by getting organized - The comment about finding duplicates is right on in my experience. When I corralled all of my scissors together I had so many that I got rid of 2 or 3. Then I redistributed the remainders to their most used place.

10 alternatives to clingfilm - The idea of using leftover glass jars goes into the "Why didn't I think of that?" category for me. I'm going to start saving some.

3 ways to fix your stuff - I activated the "spare parts" strategy this week when I went back to the place that made our shower door and asked if they could sell me a new slide in piece of plastic flange for the bottom of the door. Seven years of wear and the original was warped and not working right. Well they don't currently have the exact one I need in stock but they are ordering it. Win!

Could you do this? For a year they only bought used except for food, toiletries, shoes for the kids and underwear. Alongside this, they made the decision that if something broke, and buying a new part meant that it could be fixed, then they could do that. This woman bought nothing new for a year


  1. My sister, who is a gadget enthusiast, gave me some silicone bowl covers to use instead of plastic wrap. I probably wouldn't have bought them myself, but now that I have them I like them. They do nicely for microwaving things, the silicone is very sturdy . They're not as thrifty as putting a saucer or plate over top of something, but they work and eliminate the plastic wrap issue.

    1. Those covers sound interesting and helpful. Your comment jogged a memory of shower cap type bowl covers being used on items brought to picnics when I was a child. Funny how memories pop up.