Friday, February 7, 2014

I threw out the cheese but kept the Greek yogurt

If I was a more humble person I would tell my Hubby he was right but who wants to encourage their spouse to comment more on their food choices LOL. As part of the Engine 2 Diet Challenge eliminate dairy week I read carefully the label on the pepper jack cheese that I really, really like (after I had it on a sandwich!). Hubby was right. Way to high a level of fat overall and of saturated fat specifically. The half package that was left went into the trash.

I have two cartons of Trader Joe's Greek yogurt in the frig too and they aren't too bad on the measures I am targeting - saturated fat and sugar. No fat but some sugar. I eat half a carton at a time with fruit as a snack or part of breakfast so I am going to finish them and then decide if I am buying any more. I already switched to soy milk as my cartons of milk kept spoiling before I finished them. We have used a non-dairy butter substitute for years so I'm done with this week's challenge.

Next week's challenge is to eliminate all meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Not going to happen in this house, but I will increase the number of days we have vegan dinners and make other meals more "plant strong". This part of the challenge will have to wait a week as we will be on vacation in N CA starting Thursday and so I will be focusing on how to eat healthfully when staying at someone else's house and eating out a lot.

How are any changes you are trying to make in your diet going?


  1. There's no question cheese and my system do NOT agree, however, I do keep it on hand as a light flavor enhancer. A small amount of freshly shredded Parm cheese adds a lot to an otherwise vegan dish.

    Honestly, giving up meat isn't that tough. is full of terrific, easy vegetarian and vegan meals. This week alone I'm following their recipes for Butternut Squash Risotto, Mushroom Frittata and Stuffed Poblano Chilis. Yum yum! :-)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I do need to find more recipes and I intend to experiment more with vegan main dishes.

    2. Having experimented with lots of new vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, I have yet to make anything from that didn't turn out delicious. They have a way of enfusing everything with great flavor.