Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oops - forgot to do a January update so here is mid-February's

The end of January came and went and I forgot to do an update on how I am doing on some of my goals and challenges.

So far I am winning the battle on the 53 weeks of decluttering front having a net of 42 items leaving the house. I'm not counting things that replace broken or worn out things or consumables so those new walking shoes don't show up as the oldest pair in my closet were turned in for recycling.

WHAT HAS LEFT THE HOUSE - 66 items and counting
Week 1 - 12/1-7/13: Six Christmas cloth napkins
Week 2 - 12/8-14/13: Eleven cloth napkins & 10 place mats
Week 3 - 12/15-21/13: A plastic serving tray
Week 4 - 12/22-28/13: A pair of earrings, 5 out of date batteries, 2 orthodontic supplies
Week 5 - 12/29/13-1/4/14: 6 fluorescent tubes, light fixture, 5 out of date spices, book, plastic container, thermos, stirring rod, 2 forks, spoon
Week 6 - 1/5-11/14: candle holder, pedometer
Week 7 - 1/12-18/14: packing materials, 3 pairs of socks
Week 8 - 1/19-25/14: 0
Week 9 - 1/26-2/1/14: 0
Week 10 - 2/2-8/14: markers, 3 underwear items, wine bottle stopper (broken)

WHAT HAS ENTERED THE HOUSE - 24 items and counting
Week 1 - 12/1-7: One pair yoga pants
Week 2 - 12/8-14: Five soup/pasta bowls
Week 3 - 12/15-21: One water bowl for dog
Week 4 - 12/22-28: 5 books, 1 coffee mug, fabric for 2 skirts
Week 5 - 12/29-1/4: 0
Week 6 - 1/5-11/13: 2 books, 4 sewing supplies
Week 7 - 1/12-18/14: 0
Week 8 - 1/19-25/14: 0
Week 9 - 1/25-2/1/14: 3 pairs of men's socks
Week 10 - 2/2-8/14: 0

Exercising in improving in terms of frequency and how hard I am working out. Still a way to go to achieve my goal of 150 minutes of aerobic exercise, 2 weight training sessions and 2 stretching sessions per week. I do have a new and harder weight training circuit that I am struggling with at the moment but this too shall get better.

Painting class is a slow project. I went to one class, missed the next due to travel, the next was cancelled due to snow and the next I wimped out and stayed home. Fortunately I only paid for 4 out of the 8 so I can still meet my objective. This type of art is clearly no longer my passion LOL.

We decided to go with the $3,900 option of taking down our two at risk trees in the woods. The wood from the trunks will be left down there to rot. The bid to remove everything using a crane was lower but the cost of repairing the landscaping where the crane would tear up the yard made the total much higher. Sigh.

Our trip to S CA was a success. The dog's slipped disc seems to be healed. The weather is warming. Etc.
So there you have it - the first month of the year was ok on the goals front.


  1. Last night we went to a spaghetti dinner at church. They're trying to come up with some ideas for how the men can contribute their services for the upcoming church auction.
    One guy offered this: "I'll come over and clean out your basement. You think someone would bid on that?"
    Another fellow at the table said, "Oh, yeah, I'd easily bid $100 for that."
    His wife piped up, "Okay, I'll pay $120 NOT to clean out the basement."
    The husband: "I'll go $150."
    The wife: "$200!"
    So you see, decluttering is a complicated business!

  2. It was fun to see your incoming/outgoing list! Despite the cost, I bet you're glad to have the trees taken care of.

    1. Thanks and yes, it will be good to have the trees taken care of - mostly because we won't have to think about what to do about them LOL.