Sunday, February 4, 2024

Atmospheric rivers, dog raincoats & water in the garage

I woke up this morning to rain runoff coming into the converted garage. Obviously our sand bag solution wasn’t sufficient to hold up to the amount of rain falling given the driveway slopes down to the garage and the conversion didn’t actually seal the door bottom. The door also seems to have some wood rot. Towels and moving things to the temporary rescue. 

Fixing this must be the next project and I see garage storage reorganization being a big part of the project. Off the floor shelving and hanging stuff. ☹️

It is also clear that we need to get the dog a different raincoat as his isn’t staying in place with the wind.

This atmospheric river storm is going to be short lived for us but hitting Central and Southern Cal coasts really hard.

We have been trying to only focus on emergency prep as a project but now we have garage water intrusion as another one plus we really do need to have an energy audit and improve energy efficiency. Will be more positive about it all later!


  1. Hopefully things were easily saved in the garage. Wonder why the slope was towards it instead of away. Stay safe and dry.

    God bless.

  2. Oh, no! I hate to hear this. Best wishes for successful remedy to the situation.


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