Friday, December 22, 2023

Frugal Friday - Almost Christmas edition

Some nice inputs to our little home economy -

Our persistence paid off and we received a substantial refund of city real estate transfer tax paid for the home purchase! 

A small refund for our earthquake insurance for this year for some unknown reason.

Our local realtor stopped by with a lovely gift of an interesting variety of olive oils. I see the company has lots of interesting recipes online for using them so we will be experimenting! It was the first time I met her in person as I only dealt with the house purchase virtually.

And money saving actions -

Continuing to work on running the dishwasher, washer and dryer during lowest rate times whenever possible. 

Turned down the temperature on the water heater some more to use less gas but still be comfortable.

Only one takeout dinner, lunch date with Hubby and one coffee and treat out by myself. Rest of the time cooked and ate at home and had no food waste.

Hubby used a plastic lid from an oatmeal container to extend a downspout to keep it from overshooting the underground drain pipe. Hopefully less water intrusion into the crawlspace as the underground drainage system seems to be operating well

I used plastic food container bottoms we already had to organize and protect the bathroom vanity drawers rather than buying drawer organizers.


  1. We have our water heater turned down as well. Our electrical rates are the same at all times, I wish we had a lower rate that I could take advantage of. Right now the temperature of our heating system is at 69F. I feel very comfortable at that heat right now. That's probably 2 degrees lower than we have ever set our heat.

    God bless.

  2. I always have a twinge when I discard those oatmeal lids. The large ones are such a nice size if you need to make a pattern to trace around. I've quit saving them though.


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