Sunday, May 28, 2023

Week 22: Pup is enamored with grandbaby

He wants to lick her. He wants to touch her. He wants anything to do with her but he is learning slowly to be close but not in her face. When we are babysitting just her, he can calm down and lay down nearby or walk nicely while she rides in her stroller. Add in the 6 year old and that all is more of a challenge for him. We will see what his self control is like when she is a floor baby or wants to grab his fur!

Grandbaby, being 3 months old, looks at him but then loses interest. Is this unrequited love on his part lol? It will be fun to see them grow up together.


  1. When the first granddaughter was born, we used to tell people in the circle to go ahead & kiss her but not on her feet 'cause that's where the dog licked her!

  2. The Fur Babies do get attached to the Littles... and vice versa, growing up together will be a wonderful thing to behold.

  3. Some of the best videos on YouTube are of babies and puppies enteracting.

  4. Aww, puppy love is the best thing ever.

    God bless.


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