Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Wednesday’s we got it done list

 Sometimes it is the little things getting done -

1. A painting my Mom did was hung over my dresser by Hubby.

2. I decided to let the CD player, receiver, speakers and most of the CDs go (after noticing that the radio we have had for years and keep in the kitchen will play one CD at a time LOL). That means 3 boxes of stuff can be removed from the garage eventually through the Buy Nothing group. Also giving away some hangers.

3. Earthquake latches were installed on kitchen cupboards by Hubby to reduce broken glass and dishes when we have the inevitable earthquake. They latch the cupboard door shut when there is a good shaker. He also hung another of my drawings in the kitchen.

4. Speaking of earthquakes, we had Quake Busters, an earthquake retrofit company, come by to discuss what we need to do to strengthen this old house. Good news is that there are some positives in how the house was strengthened when the 2nd story was added to half the house.

5. The upstairs shower stall is now usable as a back up. Hubby finished all the caulking of the shower and floor. We have extra towels and a bath mat. The shower opening is not standard but we found a shower curtain that will work. We also decided to hang one of the items from our picture & mirror collection as decor. Now to find a bathroom bench with storage underneath, towel hooks for the back of the door, and some kind of in shower toiletries holder that fits.

6. Took one of the dog gates stored in our garage to our son’s for use to block the entrance to their front porch. Our pup ran out their front door last week to race up and down the street before Hubby caught him. Since he doesn’t listen as well as he could yet (still?) our son suggested a second line of defense on the porch which will also help when the baby gets mobile. The other gate will stay here to block the bottom of our stairs for baby protection in the future.


  1. Wow, you are getting lots done in your new place.

    God bless.

  2. So many little details to take care of when settling into a house, isn't there.

    1. A very long list in this case! Some are just ongoing life stuff too.


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