Sunday, March 26, 2023

Week 12: One week until move & the pup's to do list

The pup's to do list is getting shorter as I picked up a copy of his vet records and a new address tag. Still have to change his microchip online info and pack his stuff lol. As you can see, he is not at all stressed by his to do list.

Selling the house is moving forward quickly now that it is in escrow. We countered the buyers' contingency amendment more with language clarification about deadlines than content. The termite/dry rot repairs are done and the foundation repairs we had to make are almost done. One repair is still up in the air as it is the HOA's responsibility unless they find termite damage when they start working and then it is our problem.

Decluttering Progress

3 more items gone. Total YTD = 120 items + lots of photos & paperwork


  1. Only one week left, Wow!!!

    Fur baby looks very relaxed about his to do list.

    God bless.

  2. Make sure you let your dog see his stuff go in the car. It helps.


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