Sunday, February 12, 2023

Week 6: Grandbaby arrival date, pup's birthday, taxes, meeting & more

After last week’s slow start to the month this week was much fuller. Just a few of the things that happened.

We learned our 2nd granddaughter will arrive the 21st via C-section. She has gotten very cozy and snug in a lateral position and won't be moved. The doctor said she is in a reclining position with her hands behind her head. Perhaps she will be a mellow child? 😉

* Pup turned a year old which means we have survived his puppyhood! He’s the same sweet, ultra friendly party pup we brought home 8 months ago just in a bigger, higher energy package. He is working on self control when excited lol. That includes not joining me in my floor workouts. Even though I like dog kisses and playtime but could do without him laying on the mat or climbing on me!  


He was groomed the next day and doesn't look as scruffy in the second photo!

Since all our tax documents were available I spent a "fun" time slogging through TurboTax to do our Federal and CA taxes. We only owe the Feds $19 and are getting a significant state tax refund which honestly doesn’t make sense to me. Yet again I can’t file electronically because of some glitch at the IRS so they are printed and ready to mail.

* Another laser treatment on both eyes. I plan to get prescription sunglasses for improved driving vision once enough time has passed since treatment. 

* Attended my club luncheon with a Valentine's craft activity led by a talented member. It was a popular program and I enjoyed the social time.

* I continue to work on my fitness and health - slowly. Had a Pilates session with trainer and reset short term goals with her. Did two exercise sessions at home and got a massage. We prepared healthy but quick meals at home except for one lunch out with friends for each of us. Limited myself to two drinks during the week but think my sleep pattern says it needs to zero.

* And last but not least, remember where you relocate things when you declutter and reorganize! I searched all over to find where I had put the lint remover (which I almost never use) as I needed to get dog hair off a fleece blanket. I did finally find it in a logical place and it did its job fairly well.

Decluttering and upgrading: Just the easy stuff for now - don't use, too many, not in good shape, why do we even have it, etc. - and more will go if and when we move. 

2 more items gone - Total YTD - 53 items decluttered, 6 put away for less dusting, 11 upgraded.


  1. Cute doggie!!! I hope the house search goes well. Good news on your taxes and a refund!! do you pay quarterly tax too?. Ours is slightly more but not bad but no State refund:(

    1. We do pay quarterly taxes and apparently Turbotax was wrong with the amount for 2022. Oh well.

  2. Very cute dog. Glad to read that he is working on self control when excited (LOL). How exciting to know the date of baby's arrival.

    God bless.

    1. If only he was aware that he is working on self-control!

  3. Look at you getting the jump on the taxes. We don't have a state income tax to file but PC has reminded me quite regularly that I need to 'get after' the federal taxes. Ugh. With my mom's passing and the inheritance we received from a trust she and my father had created, I am worried about trying to do things myself. We'll see.

    Party pup looks adorable I always have to look back to see if he is a he or a she. Glad HE is beginning to settle into adulthood. My daughter's sheep-a-doodle is still as energetic at 18 months as she was the day they got her.

    Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your granddaughter. She certainly sounds mellow. And comfortable!! Hope all goes well on her birth-day. Looking forward to 'meeting' her.

    1. We did hire a tax accountant both times we inherited money or had other complicated returns to be done. Pup is recovering today from neutering and is going to have to wear a soft cone once Amazon delivers it today because he keeps licking the incision sadly. We are hoping the granddaughter is mellow lol.


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