Sunday, February 5, 2023

Week 5: A slow start to the shortest month

Someday I'll have to look up and remember why February only has 28 days - except for leap years of course. I have big hopes for this short month.

Most important - later in the month my DIL and baby will have an easy time of labor and delivery and both will be in robust health afterwards! The rest: The pup will have an easy time with his neutering surgery and recovery. There will be a house on the market that we want & can afford to bid on (fingers crossed). I will exercise regularly and read some of the many books I bought in January. We will stay healthy!

How was my week? Pretty low key and mostly at home.

I managed to catch up on club commitments, attend a club board meeting and visit with friends, get books at the library, read a lot, treat myself to lattes & pastries, have a takeout dinner of shrimp & veggie tempura plus salad.

I worked out at home and one session with the Pilates trainer, did lots of small household chores including putting away things I am tired of dusting which resulted in a more minimalist but nice to look at decor. A visual change is good!

Not sure about this poor plant my DIL gave me although I do fertilize it and it is in the best light location I have. I keep trying to help it grow better but there really isn't a good spot for plants inside our house. I may give up on it and try to find something that is happier in our low light space. I am happy I put away the out of date family photos that were on this table in our dining room. The candlesticks are an old favorite and were on a living room table that is now just has a lamp.

We also took the pup to the pet store to get a brush for his thicker, curlier adult hair. He was very excited to go out and loved browsing the dog and cat food aisles lol. 

No rain so far this month but in January we had 8 inches which is more than the average annual rainfall for this area recently.

Decluttering and upgrading: Just the easy stuff for now - don't use, too many, not in good shape, why do we even have it, etc. - and more will go if and when we move. 

Total YTD - 51 items decluttered, 6 put away for less dusting, 11 upgraded.


  1. I've never had a dog who didn't love going to the pet store. I always treated them to a trip there and to Starbucks for cup of cream after every vet appointment. And sometimes on Sundays after a ride.

    1. How fun for your dogs! Going for a ride seems to be this pup's favorite thing - he doesn't even have to get out anywhere to be happy.

  2. Great going on the decluttering front. I have just started doing this once again and hopefully will rid our home of things that are no longer useful to us.

    God bless.


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