Sunday, January 29, 2023

Week 4: Discouraged but life is still good

I try to be upbeat and positive about the present and future but so far this house hunt reminds me of before the pandemic when we were trying to move. We are feeling discouraged by the probable selling prices of homes that need lots of work, are too small or have too many stairs inside or out. We are getting clearer on what tradeoffs we are willing to make and how much we are willing to spend. Also we are getting better at examining the online photos and wading through inspection reports, etc. I'll let you know if we make any real progress.

On the bright side, nothing else has broken in our home and Covid cases are low in most counties in California right now. I am feeling comfortable going out to eat, to the library or to meetings without a mask however I’m still putting one on for the grocery or drugstore, etc. What is your experience of the pandemic like at this point?

I’ve done lots of mending, almost finished deep cleaning the kitchen appliances, went to a lunch meeting and did lots of club related tasks, had a private Pilates session that kicked my butt once again, and more.

Decluttering and upgrading: Just the easy stuff for now - don't use, too many, not in good shape, why do we even have it, etc. - and more will go if and when we move. 

Total YTD - 51 items decluttered and 10 replaced with upgrades.

I’m being very thoughtful about what to let go and what to keep as this isn't the first round lol.


  1. The corner of the province that I live in never seems to get rid of the virus. Or at least it never goes away for very long. At the beginning of this month the hospital and two nursing homes had outbreaks and then later a seniors residence had an outbreak. I have put on a mask for most shopping, and if we are going to be in a crowd.

    Sorry that the new home search is not going well.

    God bless.

    1. Sorry to hear Covid is still going strong where you live.

  2. Hi Juhli, I am sure you will find a new home fitting your needs. I understand the market you're in is a bit difficult. As for COVID, everybody seems like the whole thing is now behind us but, it is still around. I am still masking up going into crowded places. I had a mild case of it but, you never know what the long term effects might be. Good luck with the home search!

    1. The same here but there are some serious possible long term effects. Stay well.

  3. Oh, it all sounds so discouraging and overwhelming to me. A gal who detests moving. But today, when I drove 20 miles to pick up Lucia and Cami for school, I wondered aloud about how nice it would be to live on their side of town. Hope something that feels like the perfect fit soon comes across your path.


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