Saturday, December 31, 2022

Wrapping up December and Goodbye 2022

I finally started back working with a Pilates trainer and was surprised at how much I remembered from 6 years ago. Only one session so far, but I will be trying weekly sessions starting in January. Long term it is the best way for me to get and stay stronger because I enjoy it and it is very effective for me.

Would you believe our master bath shower plumbing finally got fixed. The next day the toilet in the other bathroom started leaking but on the 23rd that was fixed and the shower hole was drywalled, textured and primed. Hubby painted it (we had paint on hand) and now it looks like it never happened! Or at least it will once the switch plate and painting are back up. We are really enjoying the new, water saving shower fixtures. 


A friend and I removed leftover Christmas items from the ongoing “boutique” we have at the clubhouse for purchases by renters and members. We still haven't finalized replacing the clubhouse furnace (installed in 1972 we think) but the price keeps going up and will be at least $35K so we need to raise money any way we can.

Christmas weekend was fun and low key with our nearby son and DIL staying over two nights. We cooked, took walks in the warm weather, played with the dog and enjoyed our stocking gifts. The pup was pretty excited to get a new chew bone and soft toy in his stocking!

We are spending New Year's Day at the same son's home. Our other son, DIL and granddaughter are arriving New Year's Eve and staying to see the Rose Parade. Can't think of a better way to start 2023 than being with our whole family. 

I hope you are welcoming 2023 with optimism and and that it brings you much happiness and love. 


  1. Those bathrooms seem to always need work, don't they? Well, here's to a happy -- and leak-proof -- 2023!

    1. The bathroom came with the house and proved to have been remodeled at least 20 years ago and the kitchen probably was too. Happy New Year!


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