Friday, December 30, 2022

Good things 2022

I want to end the year thinking about some of the good things that stand out in my memory. 

1. Time with my immediate family - love being together and so happy we are back in California to make it happen.

2. Learning that 2023 will bring a second granddaughter!

3. Laughing with Hubby - I have made a concerted effort to bring more humor into our life and enjoyed that

4. Adding the pup to our family as we do love having a dog

5. Time at the coast in Ventura - definitely want to do this more

6. Enjoying my club meetings both for time with the other members and the programs

7. Being able to eat healthy meals and access medical care including preventive care

8. Ongoing communication with two cousins on the other side of the country

9. Being able to walk long distances without pain

10. Our library and easy access to books

11. Going out to do things more and still not having caught COVID (fingers crossed for 2023)


  1. Happy New Year! You are so disciplined with your goals in everyday life, I know you're going to have a good year ahead.

  2. So glad you are able to walk without pain these days. That is a biggie in my book. Congrats on granddaughter-to-be and I know the pup has been a real delight for you. I love pups, too.

    Hope you can get back to Ventura regularly. I want to enjoy those kinds of things more in this new year. We have been in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it has been delightful.


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