Thursday, September 1, 2022

73 is going to be a great year! Day 1

I always associate my birthday with back to school feelings. I really liked school as evidenced by continuing to attend until I got a Ph.D. Learning is one of my things! 

Turning 73 means a new start, changes, challenges, fun and learning at the very least. This is the year when I am really going to strive for both focus and spontaneity. 

I feel great, could be a lot stronger physically, have some engaging activities and could use more, have a loving family and want more time with all of them, and could use an engrossing project and more social activities. Same list as always but checking off a few of those each day of this year hopefully.


Getting stronger - Pilates, strength exercises and swimming plus an occasional hike is the plan. I keep planning so this year has to be about doing regardless of how tired I am or the weather.

Family time - My older son and DIL have been visiting since Monday and we are going out for my birthday tonight. Then they are traveling overseas for 2 to 3 months. We need to plan out visits with the other son and his family and I’d like to coordinate a trip to the NE to see my brother, SIL and cousins. It has been a long time.

Engaging activity - This morning I have a club board meeting and we kick off our 9 months of club meetings this month. My term as President continues until end of May 2024. Yearly planning and some major decision making is done but it all is mentally engaging if somewhat a treadmill.

Engrossing project - This is the open one. Starting with brainstorming and see what I can come up with. I used to like to sew, craft, paint, bake, camp, travel and hike. None of those really call to me at this point in life. I do like going to art exhibits and live theater, writing, drawing, reading, learning new facts and big projects requiring planning and months of getting it done.  I prefer variety and new experiences over repetition. 


  1. Your future self will be even more interesting than you are now. Great goals.

  2. Happy Birthday!! your goals all sound terrific. I hope it's a good year.:)

  3. You go girl. Your 73rd year is going to be awesome.

    God bless.


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