Sunday, April 3, 2022

Spring & Summer Fun Bucket List Brainstorm

I did a brainstorm of what I would like to do or could do in the next 6 months for fun. I need more fun in my life as the pandemic allows!

Alone or with Hubby and/or friends

Visit an art gallery/museum

Have an afternoon tea party for friends

Brunch date – restaurant or our patio

Thrift a new outfit and/or wanted items

Create a spring/summer playlist

Create a spring/summer reading list

Eat at a food truck


Overnight at bed & breakfast

Fancy cocktails at a fancy bar

Boat ride/tour/whale watching

Write a poem


Shop at REI to use member credit

Create Amazon wish list for birthday

3 new veggie dinners we love

Make a photo memory book

And possibilities for our Granddaughter's visit in August:

Channel Islands National Park center & museum

Channel Islands art center

Air Museum in Camarillo

U-pick farm visit

Camarillo ranch house outdoor event

Mr. Softee for ice cream

Beach picnic and biking

Miniature Golf

Paint rocks/make something



Aunt & Uncle visit

Stargaze with telescope

Farmer’s market and then fancy dessert bake


  1. Wow what a great list of things to do this spring and summer. I hope you have a great one.

    God bless.

  2. Can't wait to see if you make it all happen.

  3. I love to keep running lists. They are especially helpful when you have that little bit of time you can devote to something special and fun.

  4. Your Summer list looks wonderful. As does the list for your granddaughter. My suggestion for a backup activity during her stay is water . . . water in any form never, ever seems to get old where kids are concerned. (I'm assuming your community has a swimming pool?)

    Over here I just checked a big one off my list- I took and completed sailing lessons 101. They were equal parts effort and fun!


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