Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thankful Thursday Week 13 & Welcome April

This past week I had a few things to be extra thankful for :

Only in the drought stricken areas do you see it raining and feel so thankful. Monday was a good rainy day.

I am finding the chiropractor I chose really is helping my back heal. I’ll let you know if I feel the same way after we drive to and from Berkeley.

And the ophthalmologist says my eye that was treated for dry macular degeneration has regenerated some. No more treatments right now. 

Wow, those last two items make me feel like the old person who only talks about their health!

Onward to my March round up: 

I accomplished some of my March intentions before hurting my back slowed me down considerably.

Tried some new recipes to break up the routine, went to a live concert, bought tulips for the table and went out to lunch with friends twice.

Reduced the number of days I had alcohol and did really well at making sure I ate my vitamin C and had 5 veggies a day. Still room for improvement on making sure snacks are healthy and limiting the calories in them. Late afternoon is my downfall as I think it is for many people.

I started March with lots of exercise and finished it with Tylenol, Ibuprofen and the chiropractor. 

We got some home improvement and maintenance done which was great.

April Intentions:

* Spend a week on trip to visit Berkeley based family

* Spend time IRL with friends

* Carefully restart exercising with both stretching/Pilates and walking. Goal is to do both daily by end of month.

* Reduce digital time and replace with going out and about, drawing, time with friends or long distance connecting, etc.

* Work on healthy snacks in afternoon and other strategies to get me past my energy slump.

* Create a Spring & Summer bucket list and/or reading list


  1. That's really good news on your eye!!! So happy for you.

  2. Yes, great news about your eye. A good chiropractor, as in all new doctors, is hard to find. I'm trying to get moving a little more too.

  3. What wonderful news about your eye. I hope your back continues to heal.

    God bless.


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