Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thankful Thursday Week 12

Two hours of classical, opera and operatic music in a very spacious art gallery setting - marvelous. With just a pianist, cellist, soprano and tenor it was intimate yet soaring. Only about a quarter of the audience wore masks although mostly older, but I did and felt safe and joyous. I saw that there is a new exhibit up too so will be taking a browse this coming week. All for joining the Studio Channel Islands which is both an art gallery and artist studios in an old elementary school campus.

It dawned on me to see a chiropractor for my back and I was able to get a same day appointment. She accepts Medicare and is preferred provider with my secondary insurance so it is just $25 per visit for me. Her practice also has an orthopedic masseuse which actually thrills me as mine stopped practicing due to Covid.

We were able to buy a set of Caphalon frying pans at quite a decent price and they really are non stick so great frustration reducer.


  1. Life is slowly returning to normal and we must enjoy it while we can. By fall I predict a new variant will come along.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the concert. I will keep on my mask in closed spaces. I was able to keep away from the virus and want to stay that way. Hope your back is already feeling better.

  3. How wonderful that you got to enjoy the concert. I would love to attend something like that.

    God bless.

  4. Music and back care, care for the body and soul.

  5. The art gallery outing sounds marvelous. It has been so long since I had the chance to have a nice time like that. Lucky you.


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