Saturday, March 19, 2022

Oh the excitement 2 years on

Attending a concert in an art gallery! Planning trips to Berkeley and an overnight in Santa Barbara! Perhaps a wine and cheese tasting fundraiser!

After two years of pandemic carefulness we are finally pushing the boundaries of our self protectiveness a bit.

True, we have gone to Berkeley during the past two years but this time we hope to go out and about more. 

The visit to Santa Barbara will coincide with my older son and DIL pet sitting there so we can go out to dinner and visit. Also hopefully it will include a visit to the SB art museum to see their current special exhibit. I am going to purchase a membership and try to get tickets.

The concert at the local art gallery was part of our new membership there. We used to go to events in that space and it was nice to be back doing that.

The fundraiser is the offering of a fellow club board member to raise money to help child victims of violence or abuse attend summer camp.

On March 19, 2020 California declared a statewide stay at home order. How little we knew then. Despite the removal of mask orders, rapidly falling number of hospitalized Covid patients and drastically decreased weekly deaths in my county I was still uncomfortable seeing that at least half the people at the grocery store and most of the staff were not wearing masks. 

Social pressure, Covid exhaustion or lack of realistic risk assessment with the more infectious BA.2 omicron subvariant circulating in the world- I don’t know. Maybe they are right and I’m wrong but I’ll still be wearing my mask at the concert tonight unless I can sit far away from others.

How are you juggling competing issues and interests regarding Covid right now?


  1. In Placer county, which is a stronghold of Trumpers and anti vaxxers, most people are not wearing masks ANYWHERE. I am wearing my my masK Kn 95 everywhere still and will continue to do so. I maybe the odd one out but I like wearing a mask and knowing that the chance of covid or even the flu is reduced.

    1. How difficult to live among so many deniers but you do have gorgeous scenery! I'm still wearing it too and we will see what people going to the concert tonight do.

  2. Still being a bit cautious here but I actually did not wear my mask at the last Bible study, mainly because we are still well distanced.

    We have too many people here that still say the pandemic was fake to be totally maskless and still people are getting it. I am a bit worried about the new variant, but I am hopeful this is drawing to an end.

    God bless.

  3. I think we are pretty comfortable with COVID now being considered more endemic than pandemic by the same authorities that we've been tracking and trusting throughout. It took some time, particularly with the see-sawing of is or is not the 3rd shot booster effective long term, but we are no longer nervous when out and about in unmasked environments.

    We do continue to respect whatever indoor protocols we encounter, including at a concert hall last night where a good number of attendees slipped off their masks once the lights went down. However, the difference now is that I no longer freak out when that occurs.

    Still not looking to return to many of the international tours we enjoyed pre-pandemic, because I don't yet have confidence about how contracting COVID, either by me or a fellow traveler, would adversely impact our travels. We have, however, begun booking independent travel, including a trip to Germany to visit our two granddaughters and family, and a trip to Spain next year to walk 225 miles of the Camino.

  4. It feels both great and scary to be out and about after two years of Covid house-arrest. We need to enjoy our freedom while we can because it might not last.


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