Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday Musings Week 3 - Something to look forward to

 I remember those days of trying to ensure childcare during the summer and school breaks. It seems that the date for having to lock things in has moved up to January with the shortage of childcare. 

Lucky us though. We were asked if we would like our granddaughter to spend a week or perhaps more with us this coming summer. I’m all in for that! Right now it seems we are booked in for early August.

We are starting to think of things that we might be able to do with her and how to stock up on at home activities too. No age appropriate toy closet here as they haven’t been able to visit for at least two years although we have gone there.

Something to look forward to is one of the critical elements of happiness and now we have a big one.

On a less cheery note, I reconnected with an old friend this week via phone instead of just email and learned the details of the challenges she is facing. Her husband is starting to have signs of dementia due to an inoperable brain tumor and she is faced with the clear need for more back surgery. Her sister has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and a brain tumor. Yet she is still making plans for hoped for travel and preparing to move to a continuing care campus. Something to look forward to can brighten even quite challenging times in our lives.


  1. Having something to look forward to does make this time so much easier.

    God bless.

  2. We have to have things to look forward too, but those things/dreams get smaller as we age, I think.

  3. Very exciting to look forward to granddaughter's visit! Put a visit to library early on your list; she can pick out books to last the whole visit.


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