Monday, January 31, 2022

January wrap up

Setting and tracking monthly goals/intentions is certainly clarifying for me what is important to me right now.

In January I was successful at some things and completely ignored others! I did increase my physical activity/exercise although not as much as desired due to not feeling great for a couple of weeks. I also took my longest walk since my summer foot surgery - 2.2 miles. My foot was a bit swollen after but not bad. Also checked off a few of my tech and home to dos, and had a fun outing to the Ventura pier.

I only bought two kindle books instead mostly relying on the local library, its digital partner libraries and sharing by friends. Late last year my library more than doubled the number of other libraries from which you can check out digital books, so although it takes time to check all 9 partner library websites, it is a great resource. Since I only end up liking and finishing about half the books I start, not buying many of them is useful.

I bought 3 items and decluttered about 35.  Purchases were a new addition to the house (small single step folding stool) and replacement sets of measuring cups and spoons. That's it.

We got takeout twice and thoroughly enjoyed not cooking dinner.

I think it was an ok month and it certainly highlighted some things I need to change to shake off my pandemic ennui.


  1. I need to learn to use our digital library. I get mostly Kindle Unlimited which is only $9.99 a month but they don't usually have the kind of books our need book club is reading.

  2. Your decluttering is impressive, as are your purchases of things you probably really needed. A person can really save a ton on books by using libraries.


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