Friday, January 28, 2022

Did you pick a word of the year? How is it holding up?

 I was planning to go with the phrase happy, healthy, kind but it really isn’t doing any thing for me. In January I have revisited some lifelong character truths that may explain why.

- I am a procrastinator when I really don’t care about a task or find it uninteresting, annoying, onerous. I do respond really well, though at the last minute, to real deadlines with consequences. Thus I always got my work done well and on time but with an intense last minute push.

- I don’t like to exercise by myself and then I am pissed that my body aches and isn’t strong. I do like to sit and read. A lot.

- I don’t like to call people just to chat and am terrible at small talk. I do love intense, meaningful and interesting conversations with people I trust yet I really procrastinate on reaching out to make the connections that would let that happen. 

Hmmm. Like everyone though I have lots of habits for better or worse. 

How to survive the state of retirement where deadlines and need to do things is really ill defined and the consequences are mainly to my own health and happiness?

Perhaps my word for the year needs to be “action”or “active”? What other words might work?


  1. For several years after my husband died I had one word mantras that served me well---'courage' being the first one and I even wore a cowardly lion necklace from 'The Wizard of Oz.' I would touch that lion when I was in new situations as widow and it was a reminder than I needed to move forward.

    This year I went back to writing traditional New Years Resolutions and so far I'm doing well on them, even published a blog post about them this past Wednesday.

    Procrastination isn't always a bad thing. Some people just need the pressure of a deadline to get heir creative juices flowing. And for me, I think the back of my mind is busy working out the steps and details.

    I don't call people either, just to talk. I don't mind it if they call me because I figure they must have a topic or two in mind to talk about.

    1. We are very similar in these ways it seems! The challenge for me is that there are very few deadlines in my retirement life.

  2. I like the words progress or forward. Someone once told me that life is all about making forward progress. And I feel like I am usually at least moving forward and not backward!! Sometimes not making any great strides but still, progress is progress.

    After subbing for 4 days last week in Lucia's kinder class, I don't know how in the world I worked fulltime and raised 2 girls and did anything else at all. I must have moved a whole lot faster than I do now.

    I want to create my wellness goals/journey for the year and post it because that helps to hold me somewhat accountable. I lost track last year somewhere along the way but want to try again. Want to join me?

    1. email me about what you have in mind for a wellness post! Might just do it with you.

  3. How about movement. That could stand for many other words.

    God bless.

    1. I like your suggestion as that is what I really need to do. I'll try it out in February and see if it fits.

    2. The first phrase that came to mind after reading your post was Nike's phrase, 'Just Do It,' a variation of what Jackie proposed.

      We have a lot of similarities, Juhli, and Nike's timeless advice is one I turn to frequently when I find myself stuck in my version of low gear.


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