Sunday, September 12, 2021

Weekend productivity - or "What's a weekend when you are retired?"

When I was at PT on Friday afternoon, the therapist asked if I had plans for the weekend. Just another couple days when you are retired unless you are getting together with those who do have work weeks/school or attend services. We never do the latter and no plans for the first this past weekend.

So productivity was on my mind:

- Worked on a project due for my club.

- Laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, bed changed, bedroom dusted.

- Took the dog out too many times to recall. Sometimes she just wants to stand outside and sniff the air or lay in the sun.

- Did my PT at home exercises.

- Mended a PJ top and removed 6 clothing items, a pair of slippers and some socks from my wardrobe.

- Decided I don't NEED any clothing for Fall but would like a light neutral cardigan and/or a full zip sweatshirt hoodie. Now I know what to look for.

- Swept the patio and pruned half the flower bed.

- Picked 2 recipes to try this coming week and updated the grocery list so I can make them. 

- Finally faced up to the need to get a new phone and cell phone provider so an iPhone SE 2nd generation is on its way to me and I am signed up to transfer service to Mint Cellular once I can set the phone up.

- Since I had just finished this book which was great -

I started reading this one.

What I did NOT do is read, watch or listen to any of the 9/11 events or news. It is seared in my mind and doesn't need to see or hear anymore about it to know how terrible it was and how horrible the aftermath has been.


  1. We've been pondering Mint, ourselves. Hope to hear you are happy with it once you get through the switch! Knowing you don't "need" anything is a blessing and knowing what you "want" is one, too... Or at least understanding the difference and appreciating it! Mama has the same weekend/weekday no change, but since Mr CP still works regular hours, we have a constant reminder of the weekend. (I don't like to do housework on the weekend... Yard work, okay, but not housework. Except for laundry. Why that's not an issue, I don't know...)

    1. Both my sons and DIL's have used Mint for several years and are happy with it. But then we are in Cali so check your coverage. Good to hear from you.

  2. Juhli, I've been ordering Land's End zip-up hoodies for several years now, and think they're a good value. I think they're around $32.00. The ones I get are 80% cotton so they feel good (the fabric breathes) and they don't pill too much. If you check them out, go to Land's End, select "School" category, then "Adult", and it's under "School Uniform Adult Zip Front Sweatshirt". I think they're still offering free shipping with the code "PERFECT"(I know they're advertising 40% off, but the clothing under the "School" category is seldom included in their sales.

    I went through my closet over the past few days, too, and ended up with a nice sized pile that I already dropped off for donation. I'm even parting with some old jackets that I was attached to, but they didn't fit any more. Like you, I'm thinking I have plenty for fall and winter. I might need a few pairs of wool socks, though (darned Midwest winters, lol).

    1. I grew up in Illinois so I know what you mean about Midwest winters!

  3. Juhli, you had a very productive weekend. I have now added another to read book to my growing list. Thanks.

    God bless.

    1. It is a book with a serious topic and a lighter plot

  4. If my dog were my child, I would be yelling something like, "Stay out, or stay in. Make up your mind!" Instead I walk over and open the door for him. LOL

    1. Oh that is funny. and so true! Our dog is 12 so we say it is because she is old but truly it’s not.

  5. Like we have an indoor-outdoor, indoor-outdoor cat.


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