Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday Sept 16

Family & Friends! Getting stuff done! Flexibility!

So grateful my younger son helped me with ordering a new phone and selecting a new service provider.

Hubby's active but getting frail and losing her sight 93 year old aunt has decided to move into assisted living - a relief.

Lunch and a long visit with two close friends at the home of one of them. I took ice cream and cookies.

Our grocery store was out of McCormick's Italian Blend for several weeks but I found it on Amazon and ordered a 3 pack.

I’ve said it before but I truly am thankful that I learned to cook as a child and married a man who knew how to cook. I made a new recipe (sun dried tomato chicken pasta from The Daily Connoisseur) for a dinner and it is a winner. 

I also cooked 24 pumpkin pecan muffins and 12 vegetable frittata breakfast “muffins” for the freezer. Future me will be thankful too.

Being able to reach my feet - don’t laugh. I asked the PT if it would help if I massaged my door where it swells and she said, “yes, if you can reach it.” And then there is being able to cut my own toenails.


  1. Wonderful things to be grateful for. I never realized what a relief it was to be able to cut my own toenails until I couldn't for awhile.

    God bless.

    1. Absolutely. My Mom had to go to a podiatrist to get it done for the last few years of her life and really wished she didn’t need to.

  2. Glad you're enjoying your new phone and provider. Sometimes we need our kids to steer us in the right direction (esp when it comes to technology). Your pumpkin pecan muffins sound so good! I've been craving pumpkin and can't decide what to make. I smiled while reading you were thankful to be able to reach your feet. It is definitely something to be grateful for! I remember being so happy to be able to get in and out of the shower without assistance, following a health problem. The little things become big when we're not able to do them.

  3. Pumpkin Pecan Muffins -that sounds heavenily. I'm going to copy you if I can find my muffin tins in the back of the cabinet.

  4. Nothing makes me feel as satisfied as putting ready-to-eat food in the freezer. The pasta looks fabulous...I love anything with sun-dried tomatoes.


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